Hello, fellow bloggers!

Blogging is like an online journal, where only a few can see your true feelings. I enjoy blogging because it gives me a chance to be famous among my friends and to rethink on what I write. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

Here are some of my favorite pastimes:
1) Reading new books
2) Trying new recipes
3) Pondering…anything
4) Attempting to learn Morse Code

This is “PatBunny” in Morse Code
.–. .- – -… ..- -. -. -.–

Welcome to my world!

Friends, join together ❤

Delve into the mysterious 🌅

Savor the moments ⏰

Blog your life 💻

Leave a record 📄

Of your unchained heart 🔓

~ PatBunny 🐰

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