A Warm Welcome

As a night owl who suffers from a vivid imagination, most of my thoughts come during the darkest times. My brain keeps me awake and restless, so these ideas are penned under moonlight while everyone else is asleep. Other than my own form of insomnia, I have another superpower: organizational skills. And hmm, let’s see…what else should you know about me? Sometimes I can be stupid, sometimes I can be too logical, but most of the time I’m an introvert who loves to read and write. Rainy days are the best hands down, and my favorite season is fall. My go-to drink is a nice cup of hot chocolate, and my favorite dessert is ice-cream cake. Other than my mad daydreaming skills, I don’t think I’ve gotten very far in life. But that’s fine because we all have our own niche, and we can take our time figuring things out. I do like to be a bit mysterious, so I’ll leave my introduction at that 😉

Who am I? (Always the existential crisis question)
Reality: Meet your average college student.
PatBunny: (clearing throat) Thank you for the introduction. But I actually prefer –
Reality: (interrupting) Don’t you dare.
PatBunny: (continues anyways) …a relatable reader, a whimsical writer, a bashful baker, an avid analyzer, a graceful girl…
Reality: (grumbles)
PatBunny: Oh, and Reality? Get lost.

What are some of my favorite pastimes?
1) Reading new books
2) Trying new recipes
3) Pondering…anything
4) Writing poetry and novels
5) Attempting to learn Morse Code

Welcome to my world 🌎
Friends, join together ❤
Delve into the mysterious 🌅
Savor the moments ⏰
Blog your life 💻
Leave a record 📄
Of your unchained heart 🔓
.–. .- – -… ..- -. -. -.–

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