A Warm Welcome

I’ve enjoyed my journey with all of you – from writing my poetry to reading your comments, this community has been a blessing. Unfortunately, I have to step away for a little bit and take a break. When life gets overwhelming, I have an instinctive urge to turn to this blog and all of my friends here, but I forget to stop and simply breathe it in. To this end, I will be taking a short hiatus πŸ–€

Thank you all for your support, advice, and love. But worry not, I will be back! So do stick around, because this journey has not reached its destination just yet. Lean back, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride. Every train has to stop at stations sometimes – to refuel, meet new people, or take in the view πŸ™‚

~ PatBunny 🐰

Blogging is like an online journal, where only a few can see your true feelings. I enjoy blogging because it gives me a chance to be famous among my friends and to rethink on what I write. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

Here are some of my favorite pastimes:
1) Reading new books
2) Trying new recipes
3) Pondering…anything
4) Attempting to learn Morse Code

This is “PatBunny” in Morse Code
.–. .- – -… ..- -. -. -.–

Welcome to my world!

Friends, join together ❀

Delve into the mysterious πŸŒ…

Savor the moments ⏰

Blog your life πŸ’»

Leave a record πŸ“„

Of your unchained heart πŸ”“

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