Black Rain Reflected in Cold Winter Eyes

I saw a reflection of myself in his pitch black eyes. I could see the tears, feel the pain, hear the screams.

The black raindrops were hitting mercilessly against the windowpane. The thudding was dulled by the crack of thunder and flash of lightening that streaked across the sky.

He stared at me coldly. Hardened anger painted on his face, his features frozen in rage.

The raindrops were dancing, prancing, pounding, pummeling. They beat away at the ground, restless in their form.

He moved forward silently, fear and realization striking me. His cold eyes raked across my face, emotionless.

The cold winter rain continued outside, oblivious of the drama on the inside.

I saw the black rain reflected in his cold winter eyes. And all I could do was wish for different weather.

~ PatBunny

GoDogGoCafé prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry that uses the words black eyes and cold winter rain.

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