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The mountain of light, forgone in a fight
So long ago, and yet the image is seared in our minds
Because the fight still continues, and the light is not forgotten.

To you, Mr. David Cameron, I say,
True that it be, if you return that diamond,
“You suddenly find the British Museum would be empty.”

True that it be, if you return that diamond,
You suddenly find that all your conquests have merely been
Because you stood upon the shoulders of giants.

True that it be, if you return that diamond,
You suddenly find that you’ve begun to right your wrongs,
Your plunders, your blunders, your so-called wonders.

Trickery does not excuse a robbery in broad daylight.
History does not excuse the waves of change in the present.
Bitterly in greed, you hold onto others’ personal belongings.

Why must you commemorate the
innocent and violent killings
of civilians and soldiers
who fought for their
rights and a past
that they were
you arrived
and imposed your rules
for a personal agenda without regard
for other human beings and the disruption
in their lives, and cruelly used us as a staircase
to achieve whatever it was you wanted and satisfy your greed.

And so my last question to you, sir, is not
if you will return that diamond and
expand your mental horizons
and for once if you will
step down from that
high horse and
find it in yourself
to make amends,
but if after all of this
at the end of the day
you can close your eyes,
look inside and know that you
did not take advantage and destruct
for your personal gain and fame, and if
you’re truly happy with your overall construct.

A/N: I tried to play with the formatting a little bit, making the last two stanzas seem like the broken halves of a diamond.

~ PatBunny

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